Date: 21/10/2021
Launching a new cycle of the Undergraduates Research & Innovation Support Project

In view of the importance of supporting the youth sector and providing the necessary tools for creativity and innovation, King Abdullah II Fund for Development launched a new cycle of Undergraduates Research & Innovation Support Project.
The project aims to provide the necessary financial and technical support to university students who are about to graduate to implement their projects/research. It spreads the spirit of positive competition among the students, which is considered as an incentive for them to develop their scientific and practical skills, as well as contribute to creating a productive and effective society in the scientific and educational aspects.
The project is based on two axes: research includes projects/researches decided by university professors in agreement with their students and projects proposed by the Jordanian Center for Design and Development (JODDB).
Students of public and private universities will be able to apply for support for their projects through, under specific conditions and criteria until November 20.
A A technical committee will study and select projects/research after briefs-presentations provided by students in the presence of project supervisors. The specialized committee will follow up on the implementation stages of the selected projects, as these projects will receive financial support of up to 5,000 dinars.
It is noteworthy that the project which supports research and creativity for university students was launched in 2004 and implemented in partnership with the Jordanian Center for Design and Development (JODDB), it has also Provided support for (363) graduation/research projects, through which (1209) direct opportunities.