"We ask to establish a special fund to serve as the institutional umbrella that contributes to supporting efforts at all levels;
developmental, social and educational. This fund is to stimulate comprehensive development through projects
that tie together our people's potentials, direct them towards productivity and creativity, while providing this Fund with capable
expertise to manage it efficiently and ensure its success in serving the noble goals it is meant to achieve."

His Majesty Abdullah II Ibn Al Hussein
December 6th, 2001


KAFD seeks to take the lead in catalyzing inclusive development.


KAFD is a private institution which seeks to fairly distribute development gains among governorates through supporting the efforts of increasing productivity, establishing pioneering productive projects for citizens and supporting the efforts of raising community awareness.


As a response to the directions of His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al Hussein, KAFD (King Abdullah II Fund for Development) was founded under law No. 13 for the Year 2001 which became afterward Law No. 37 for the Year 2004. The fund aims at promoting the country’s sustainable development and seeks through its partnership with both public and private sectors to implement development projects and hotspots, especially in the areas that suffer the most from poverty and unemployment. Within the framework of the intensive efforts to dedicate the human potential in an optimum way, KAFD provides capacity building, technical and professional support for Jordanian youth based on His Majesty’s directions to activate citizenship where citizens can participate in promoting the goals of inclusive sustainable development in the kingdom. In an endeavor to transform challenges into opportunities, KAFD seeks to attract the creative youth power to grow their talents and encourage them to innovate and create; so they can be prepared for the labor market and enabled to take social responsibility.

  • Support programs and activities which aim at increasing the national productivity and raising the employability;
  • Contribute to establishing pioneering development projects and companies all around the kingdom and provide the support and technical consultation means;
  • Contribute to building citizens’ capacities to enhance their competence and productive capabilities;
  • Support activities and provide programs which motivate the creativity and excellence of Jordanian youth and grow their talents;
  • Motivate entrepreneurship through supporting creativity, innovation and development programs;
  • Activate citizenship where Jordanians can participate in promoting the goals of inclusive sustainable development in the kingdom;
  • Provide opportunities in capacity building and professional support for Jordanian youth


KAFD programs and projects target individuals, groups, companies, public and private institutions and civil society organizations through the optimum investment of Jordanians’ potential and latent capabilities. The aim is also to promote youth productivity through training and qualification, in addition to support excellence and creativity activities of all forms in order to reach a unique level of qualified human resources. This can be achieved through a framework which embodies the principals of the fund such as transparency, productivity, learning, sustainability, team spirit and efficient funding.