Date: 18/08/2021
King Abdullah II Fund for Development launches a new Cycle of " Counter-Extremism Thoughts project "

King Abdullah II Fund for Development (KAFD) launches the fifth Cycle of the "Counter-Extremism Thoughts project" within the framework of reinforcing the foundations of citizenship and incorporating the participation of youth in public life.

The project aims to equip youth with skills and knowledge, required to form youth core teams that target extremism as an intellectual system. Moreover, it creates a cultural and ideological environment that enables them to think reasonably, distinguish between right and wrong, adopt facts and documented information. The project aspires to build participant's capabilities in fact-checking and the ability to influence others.

The project touches on the role of social media to help educate the youth about the dangers of hate speech and its negative consequences on society. Furthermore, it focuses on the importance of spreading the message of tolerance and mutual respect.

Participants go through several stages that include, workshops and broadening participants' intellectual base through dialogue sessions, in addition to applying what they have learned, by implementing voluntary youth initiatives to encounter extremist ideologies.
The project launched in 2017 and has provided (1,574) direct and indirect opportunities, in addition to preparing a comprehensive training manual and training facilitators on it.