Date: 28/06/2021
King Abdullah II Fund for Development launches the "Centennial Pathway "Project

Coinciding with the Kingdom’s celebration of the centennial of the state’s foundation, King Abdullah II Fund for Development launches the “Centennial Pathway” project, which constitutes an in-depth intellectual journey on Jordan's history and stages of development.

The project aims to introduce young Jordanians to the kingdom's history in all political, economic, and social aspects, the role of the Hashemite family in achieving the kingdom's prosperity and progress, and how Jordanians have concerted their efforts to accomplish the achievements, as well as helping Jordanian youth realizing their role in carrying the message and continuing to build their country.

The project targets Jordanian youth within the age group of 18-35 years, According to pre-determined conditions.

The project will be implemented in youth camps that will discuss the founding stages of the Jordanian state under its Hashemite leadership, up to the present stage in which His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn al-Hussein rules.