Date: 17/06/2021
Memorandum of Understanding between KAFD and MPs to implement the “Parliamentary Fellowship”

KAFD and House of Representative signed a memorandum of understanding to train and qualify (75) youngsters to work as research assistants for MPs through the implementation of the second cycle of the Parliamentary Fellowship Project, based on the impact study of the first cycle of the project launched in 2019.

The memorandum was signed by the director of KAFD, Saeb al-Hassan, and on behalf of the House of Representatives, its Secretary-General, Abdul Rahim al-Waked.

"that the implementation of the project comes as a translation of His Majesty King Abdullah II's vision of giving youngsters a real developmental role and involving them in the entire political process, given that the House of Representatives is the real body for oversight and legislation." Al-Hassan said.

al-Hassan indicated that the current cycle will be of great value in the field of political empowerment of youngsters, building on what has been previously accomplished to bring about the required positive change by honing the skills of participants in various fields.

“The House of Representatives is keen to cooperate with various national institutions, and is constantly looking forward to activating the role of youngsters in the national building process, providing them with all requirements and enhancing their participation in political life.” al-Waked said.

al-Waked stressed the importance of connecting active youngsters with state institutions to enrich their experiences and knowledge towards many of the goals they seek to achieve, explaining that the House of Representatives is open to youngsters’ initiatives aimed at establishing a generation capable of taking responsibility in the future.

The project implemented through ‘All Jordan Youth Commission’ (AJYC(, aims to contribute to the creation of youngsters leaders, increase awareness of various national issues and challenges, and expand the base of participation in public life by presenting a generation of youngsters who believe in the role of the MP, in addition to forming a real nucleus for future MPs by election.

The project in its first cycle, built the capacities of 147 youngsters, training and qualifying them according to a training manual developed for this purpose in acquiring multiple skills in the following areas: communication, dialogue, thinking skills, human rights, political and parliamentary work in Jordan, democracy and civil society, whereas the project’s field of specialization, in its second cycle, was developed to provide research assistants to MPs, to undertaking the task of research and providing supporting information on draft laws or issues that are presented for discussion.

The project will be implemented based on a development plan consisting of two phases. The first phase will select youngsters from different governorates, giving them practical training on presentation and communication skills, political life in Jordan, concepts of democracy, and research skills. The second phase is a practical application for 6 months during the regular session of the House of Representatives.

It is noteworthy that KAFD launched the second cycle of the project last April where (1987) applications for accession were received, while personal interviewing is currently taking place to select the participants.