Date: 06/06/2021
A Memorandum of Cooperation between the King Abdullah II Fund for Development and the Circassian Charitable Society

The King Abdullah II Fund for Development and the Circassian Charitable Society signed a memorandum of cooperation to involve youngsters in the activities and programs implemented by KAFD to work towards achieving sustainable development.
The memorandum was signed on behalf of KAFD by its director, Saeb Al-Hassan, and on behalf of the Circassian Charitable Society, by its president, Dr Ibrahim Faroqa.
Al-Hassan said that the qualitative programs and projects implemented by KAFD aimed generally to achieve the vision of His Majesty the King in bringing about positive change in societies, stressing the keenness to reach the target groups through his networking policy.
Dr Faroqa paid tribute to the importance of this cooperation in opening new horizons for the Society's members, and its direct reflection on the Circassian community through the various activities on which KAFD is based.
In a brainstorming session held on the sidelines of signing the Memorandum of Understanding, the two parties exchanged ideas that could be worked on in the future for youth and to introduced them to the opportunities provided by KAFD.
Through the "All Jordan Youth Commission" (AJYC), a working group will be formed from the youth beneficiaries of the Society and will implement programs and activities that serve the target group, while the Society will participate in the voluntary and national programs and activities implemented by KAFD in all its programs.
Moreover, networking the groups targeted by the Society with the Jordanian Company for promoting Heritage Products (Urdon Shop) to discuss the possibility of placing Circassian products in the store, as well as networking those interested in entrepreneurship with the Pilot and Investment Projects Development Company (Oassis500) to see the mechanisms of benefiting from the company, especially in the pilot projects and financing them.

It is noted that KAFD is a civil institution established in 2004, which aims to contribute to achieving sustainable development in various fields in all governorates of the Kingdom, By implementing development projects and initiatives concerned with supporting the spirit of initiative and creativity among Jordanian youth.

It is noteworthy that the Circassian Charitable Society aims to develop the bonds of relations between members of the Circassian community and encourage new generations of young people to learn the Circassian language, remind them of customs and traditions and develop in them the spirit of charitable teamwork.