Date: 19/04/2021
Youth energy for the community.. Join the challenge to make a difference

In line with the vision of His Majesty King Abdullah II, youths are the main driving force in finding solutions to challenges facing their societies, the King Abdullah II Fund for Development launches the second Cycle of the "Social Entrepreneurship Challenge " which comes within the national plan for Celebrating the centenary of the Jordanian state foundation.
KAFD implemented a teaser media campaign entitled " Youth energy for the community.. Join the Challenge to make a difference" on various social media platforms, aiming to motivate and encourage young people to participate actively.
The competition targets young people of (22 to 35) age group who have pioneering ideas that solve problems of their societies in innovative ways.
Launching the competition comes within the framework of KAFD’s endeavor to optimally invest in capabilities and energies of youth. support programs and activities aim at increasing national productivity and finding positive drivers of change in society.
The competition aims to provide support to Jordanian youth to help them implement new entrepreneurial projects or develop existing projects and enhance their impact on society. It urges them to compete positively, spread enterprise culture, Volunteering and active citizenship amongst them. In addition to that, the competition will present models for young people, who were able to make positive change in their local communities, as role model to Jordanian youth and honor social entrepreneurs among them.
A specialized technical committee of experts will study and evaluate the applications, as the competition will provide financial support of (5000 JDs) for the winning Ideas, in addition, it will provide technical and logistical support. The winners will also receive a training and qualifying program before implementing their projects.
Receiving Participation Applications will continue until May 7th, by visiting
It is noted that the competition stared in 2019, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of His Majesty the King’s assumption of his constitutional powers, has provided support for 6 projects which are: young community pioneer, GAR educational initiative, Our Robot, Alfredo Box, SOLVillion, young community entrepreneur, while the number of direct and indirect opportunities provided were (881).