Date: 12/04/2021
Parliamentary Fellowship…A window for creating youth leaderships

Parliamentary Fellowship…A window for creating youth leaderships

Based on the vision of His Majesty King Abdullah II and his aspirations to empower youth in politics through practical programs to enlighten them in the legislative and supervisory role of the House of Representatives, as well as engaging them more closely in the political process, in 2019, through All-Jordan Youth Commission (AJYC) King Abdullah II Fund for Development launched the Fellowship with Parliament Project in its first Cycle.

While the Kingdom is celebrating the Twentieth Year His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al-Hussein assumed his constitutional powers, the project worked on building the capacities of 147 young men and women in its first Cycle, by providing training for the participants to be qualified and acquired with a various set of skills such as communication skills, dialogue, thinking skills, as well as educate them with the definitions of Human Rights, Democracy, Civil Society, political and parliamentary work in Jordan, to assist MPs through their fellowships.

What’s New in the Second Cycle?

Based on the implemented impact study of the first cycle, KAFD is launching the Second Cycle of the Parliamentary Fellowship project in a developed specialized way, by providing research assistants to MPs who undertake researching task and provide supporting information for either draft legislation or issues for discussion, aiming to focus the service provided within the framework of integrating youth into political life.

The project idea is being implemented according to a development plan consisting of two phases, where (75) young men and women from different governorates will be selected, and they will be given practical training on Public Speaking, Presentation, communication and searching skills, and then the practical application will take place for 6 months during the next regular session of the Council.

The project targets young men and women from the age 20-30, and the following majors are priorities (Political Science, International Relations, Law, Economics, Financial and Banking Sciences).

If you are interested ,you can Apply by clicking the link Valid until April.30.2021