Date: 18/01/2021
Jordanian students develop a “Mobile and Flying Wireless Sensor Network”

Within the efforts of King Abdullah II Fund for Development of contributing to enhance national productivity and support youth potentials in scientific research areas, and through Undergraduates Research & Innovation Support the Fund (KAFD) provided support for the “Mobile and Flying Wireless Sensor Network Development Project” for a group of students from the Electric Engineering Department and Communication at the German Jordanian University.
The idea of the project is based on providing a remote sensing and monitoring system which is capable of giving an assessment of the area that is being monitored to be submitted to decision-makers.
The project which was published in IEEExplore global database participated in the International Scientific Conference which is the second conference on communications in the (MENA Region) Middle East and North Africa IEEE MENACOMM 2019.
Dr. Alaa’ Khalifah (the project Supervisor) clarified the possibility of using the device in different fields including security to allow remote monitoring and detect the presence of toxic any hazard gasses to human existence.

Khalifah elaborated on the peaceful uses of the device, as it is possible to use for several purposes such as monitoring soil and weather in agriculture, in addition to using it for control. Therefore; it could become a mean of smart irrigation of agricultural areas which would help improving the harvest and provision of water.

He highlighted the financial and technical support provided by the fund (KAFD) which enabled them to purchase necessary pieces and equipment to run experiments and tests aiming to reach the optimum design of the project easily without any complications.

The project is being implemented by the following students: Ashraf Shatat, Aus Issa, Hazem Qaderi and Zaid Sakejha.

Undergraduates Research & Innovation Support is a project implemented by the fun(KAFD) since 2004 in partnership with the Jordanian Design and Development Bureau JODDB, in order to provide undergraduates with the necessary tools to create and innovate. The project also aims to provide support to undergraduates to allow them to execute their projects and researches in a way that contributes to creating a productive and creative society on scientific and educational levels.