In 2014, KAFD established Spica Media Productions as part of its development projects aimed to support and strengthen the film making industry in the Kingdom, which aims to provide artistic media content that sheds light on pivotal stations and events that have passed through the history of Jordan and the Arab region, To produce high-quality professional films for artistic, historical, and documentary content, with a thematic narration of those events after delving into their historical study, Where the company was able, after attracting the best experts and technicians and using the latest technologies available in the field of artistic production, producing the historical documentary film (The Great Arab Revolt) Which became a coronation for the company's efforts in this area and became a catalyst for preparation and preparation for future work.

Company Goals

• Spreading knowledge related to many pivotal and influential historical events in shaping the memory of the region • Creating a platform for emerging and innovative filmmakers • Founding the core of an art industry targeting regional and global markets.

Company Accomplishments

• Producing the largest documentary-drama film in Jordan and the region, "The Great Arab Revolt"