Oasis 500

We invest in startups and we provide their founders with necessary tools for growth and development, focusing on raising the readiness of youth to attract subsequent investments. Oasis 500 provides a practical business acceleration program for six months which meets specific and varied needs of startups.

Company's Goals

  • Support entrepreneurs through investing in startups to allow them to expand into other countries so they could become successful companies of great influence in the region and the world. That will eventually contribute to creating job opportunities.
  • Raise the efficiency of entrepreneurs to attract foreign investments.

Company’s achievements since its foundation

  • Established and managed three investment funds valued at $ 25.7 USD with investments in startups of $ 9.9 USD;
  • Invested in 170 local startups in the fields of technology and creative industries;
  • Trained more than 2500 entrepreneurs out of 16000 applicants from Jordan;
  • Assisted startups to attract investments from investors in the region and around the world at a value of $ 8 for every invested $1;
  • Sold shares of Oasis 500 in two companies which attracted investors after they have proved their business model and viability;
  • Oasis 500 investments in startups Contributed to creating over 700 direct jobs and 4000 indirect jobs;
  • Created strategic agreements and partnerships with several official entities and institutions around the world such as the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, EU, USAID, UNICEF, and others.

Provided services

  • Initial investment: Oasis 500 invests an amount of money in exchange for equity in startups. The investment ranges between $30,000 to $100,000 in the form of financial investment and in-kind services provided during the business acceleration period.
  • Business acceleration: an exclusive program for startups in which Oasis 500 has invested. This program starts as of the date of initial investment for a period of six months to meet the specific and varied needs of startups.