Jordan Agricultural Produce Promotion Company (JAPPCO)

The company aims to empower Jordanian farms and develop their capabilities and skills to improve their living standards and export their crops across the world.

The Concept behind the Jordan Agricultural Produce Promotion Company

The Jordan Agricultural Produce Promotion Company was established with a view to develop the country’s agricultural sector through implementing development projects in the field that result in production of world-class quality of agricultural produce and exporting the produce to international markets, especially European markets. This will play a key role in enhancing the living standards of farmers and workers in the agricultural sector. The company implements three main projects at present in Deir Alla, Ghor Fifa and Al Qasmieh.


  1. Creating a world-class packaging centre.
  2. Exporting agricultural produce to European countries since March 2014.
  3. Creating 70 permanent jobs for young Jordanians and temporary jobs for about 400 day laborers at the peak of seasons.
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