Urdon Shop

The company seeks to help improve the living standards of owners of small craft industries and provide them with a platform to promote for their products under the brand name of Urdon Shop.

The concept behind the Jordanian company for promoting heritage products

The Jordanian company for promoting heritage products is one of King Abdullah II Fund for Development’s initiatives, with the aim of improving the level of craft industries in Jordan and marketing them locally and internationally.

The company established the Urdon Shop and Urdon Café to provide equal opportunities for displaying all Jordanian products that vary from pottery and jewelry to embroidery, textiles, food products and others, connecting Jordan’s heritage with the creativity of its modernity.

The company aims to promote Jordanian products by increasing the market share both locally and regionally. This can be done by developing those products to adhere to highest standards in order to ensure a continuous demand locally, regionally, and even internationally.

The company is always improving their procedures to ensure Jordanian products and raw materials are classified and organized to help both teams and workshops raise their level of productivity and sustainability in order to create better opportunities for Jordanian youth


  • The company created a source of income for 108 beneficiaries that resulted in the creation of 550 indirect jobs.
  • The number of products on display at the Urdon Shop reached 170, ranging from food products to pottery and jewelry to embroidery, textiles, books, music and garment. The number of suppliers reached 103.
  • Company's sales in 2015 reached $1 million.

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