Royal Academy of Culinary Arts

An associate member of the network of EHL-Certified Schools and a non-profit private Jordanian institution. It was founded in 2008 and offers a two-year diploma in culinary arts. The academy welcomes students of all nationalities who completed high school education;

Royal Academy for Culinary Arts aspires to be the pioneer in the region in culinary arts education. It believes that its graduates will become its most prestigious ambassadors in this significant economic sector, through a commitment to quality and innovation and an industry-related educational program, in addition to the highest values of social integration;

Objectives :

  1. Supplying the tourism sector, both in domestic markets or in the Middle East, with Jordanian professionals that possess a high level of craftsmanship in the industry.
  2. Replacing foreign experts with trained local ones, both in the labor market or the educational and academic level, to meet the acute shortage of skilled professionals in the hospitality industry both locally and internationally.
  3. Refining and developing students' skills in the field of culinary arts as well as social and leadership skills, communication skills, and communication.
  4. Promoting the study of culinary arts in the governorates and less fortunate areas through grant programs, which aim to attract outstanding locals.


  1. The academy is an associate member of EHL- Certified Schools which is always ranks #1 in hospitality management in the world
  2. It was awarded “Committed to Excellence C2E” two stars by King Abdullah II Center for Excellence as the representative of EFQM in 2020;
  3. It was recognized as an accredited educational institution by WACS in 2017;
  4. It was accredited by TedQual under UNTWO in 2013;
  5. Provides the highest level of education and training in culinary arts in Jordan according to the highest international standards;
  6. Provides the tourism and hospitality industry and with qualified and specialized staff according to the best standards;
  7. By 2020, the number of graduates has reached 612 students;
  8. Supports and empowers women as they represent 40% of the students;
  9. The academy’s graduates enjoy the highest employment rates, 90% of graduates get a job immediately after graduation;
  10. Services provided

    1. Diploma in Culinary Arts, which lasts for two academic years, including a practical training semester in hotels
    2. One-year culinary specialization certificate program.
    3. The Academy offers short and specialized courses on a regular basis for those interested, as well as for institutions in the fields of service art, culinary arts, and sweets.
    4. In cooperation with different entities, the academy offers scholarships to students from different governorates, students who are incapable financially, and top students;
    5. The Academy has worked on several projects to support the local community in cooperation with local and international organizations. Such as the UNESCO program to develop tourism in Umm al-Jimal area, and provided support for "Empowering women through cooking." book.
    6. The Academy actively supports local and international exhibitions and events related to the hospitality sector such as Horeca, Jospex, World Economic Forum, Jordanian Chefs Association, etc.
    7. The Academy supports the CAS program (creativity, activity, service) for students of the International Baccalaureate program by providing training hours in various fields of cooking.
    8. Who can register?

      High school graduates aged 18 years and above, with a good level in the English language, and passionate about Culinary Arts.

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