Undergraduate Project Funding

The programme works on removing financial and technical obstacles that prevent youth from innovating, which helps create a productive and active community in the scientific and educational aspects.

The concept behind Financing Jordanian University Students' Graduation Projects.

Jordan is home to a pool of talented students from public and private universities from the country’s governorates and pioneering graduation projects by undergraduate students require technical and financial support as well as guidance to be translated into success stories at the national and regional levels.
The program was founded in 2004 in partnership with the King Abdullah II Development and Design Bureau to support distinguished youth, speed up efforts to develop the knowledge-based economy and help Jordan institutionalize knowledge-based community and an ecosystem that embraces innovation and supports youth.


  • Providing financial and technical support to students to implement their graduation projects.
  • Strengthening competitiveness amongst students at all universities to develop their scientific and practical skills.
  • Supporting sustainable development in Jordan through improving the skills of human resources.
  • Developing higher education to be based on innovative projects rather than indoctrination.


  • Creating five labs at universities to develop projects that have been supported.
  • Supporting (264) graduation projects by (883) students.
  • Registering two patents in the field of non-manned submarines (University of Science and Technology), and readings of electricity meters remotely (University Al Isra’a).
  • Securing scholarships for master degree in the field of nuclear energy from China, and in the field of electrical engineering from the University of Bath in the United Kingdom.
  • Creating a company in the field of medical engineering.
  • Creating a company in the field of renewable energy.
  • Exhibiting high profile projects in SOFEX military exhibition.
  • Our supported project won local and international awards.
  • Supporting 5 applied research projects in various disciplines for postgraduate studies.

Projects criteria

  • The project should be allocated for the purposes of graduation at the university and be a creative one.
  • Funding the project should not exceed five thousand Jordanian Dinars.
  • The number of students involved in the implementation of the project should not be less than 2 students.
  • Students’ GPA should not be less that “Good” and above
  • The duration of the project should not be less than six months.

How to Apply:

  • Applicant must fill the form for obtaining supporting to the project and then hand it over to the department of the applied research at the King Abdullah II Design and Development office in the University of Jordan. The form is available at www.kafd.jo/GradApp.doc.
  • The fund, in cooperation with the King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau and Al Urdonia Lil Ebda, study and evaluate brief descriptions submitted by students about their ideas.
  • The fund provides the necessary funding for the selected projects.
  • King Abdullah II Design and Development and Al Urdonia Lil Ebda follow up on the progress in projects.

Contact Information

Email: [email protected]

Program Advisor

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