The Talent in Community Service


The Talent in Community Service Project seeks to provide financial and technical support for ideas, initiatives and projects that provide young people the opportunity to express themselves and the issues of their communities, spread cultural and artistic awareness among them, in addition to producing various creative works from various arts and to contribute in the development of provinces to become an incubator for culture and arts.


The concept


TCSP was established in 2013 as part of KAFD efforts to support creative ideas and initiatives and provide incentives for creators in various governorates of the Kingdom. KAFD offers financial support of JD 5000 max for individuals, and JD 5000 to 40000 max for civil society institutions.

Approval is given after evaluating the applications submitted to the project by a specialized technical committee, which consists of seven neutral members, who will study and evaluate the applications.




• Allow young people the opportunity to express themselves and the issues of their local communities.

• Spread cultural and artistic awareness among young people and create spaces to exchange their cultural views between them.

• Enhance the role of the governorates in achieving the means of social development so that they become an incubating environment for various forms of culture and art.

• Create creative artworks that will enrich the values and practices adopted by the program.


Conditions to join


  • Applicants (individuals or youth groups) must fulfill the following conditions:

    1. The applicant must be of Jordanian.

    2. The applicant must not be less than 18 years old.

    3. The applicant must be the owner of the idea Or the initiative.

    4. Applicant should possess the necessary technical talent if he/she applied for support for an art project, or the necessary knowledge level if he applied for support for a cultural project.

  • If the applicant is a civil society institution, the following conditions must be fulfilled:

    1. To be a Jordanian non-profit organization.

    2. To be registered with the competent authorities and operating in their field for no less than a year from the date of applying for support.

    3. Initiative/Projects should be in line with the goals and objectives of the institution and the nature of its work.

    4. That the project is not funded by any party when submitting the application.




In 2014, the following projects were supported:  the 7th Hakaya Festival, Khan Arts, the Petra Music Concert, as well as the Mobile Puppet Theater project.

In 2015, the following projects were supported: the Mobile Museum, the Balqa Choir Project, the Taleela Community and the Messengers of Freedom project.

In 2016, the following projects were supported: the Matar project, the Balqa Choir, and “I will tell you” in addition to the Jordan Heritage Gallery.

In 2017, the following projects were supported: my creative artistic school project, the Nabat Jordan project, the Jordan Valley in its youth vision project, the Matar project, Heritage Gallery and the Net without crime project.

In 2018, the following projects were supported: The Martyrs Billboard (Mural) Project, Our Story Project, Let’s Dream Project, Matar Project, # My Ambitious Life Project, a Popular Song for Children (recording and filming) project, the Stop the Ghost of Drugs Project through drawing, and the Gift a Book Cultural Project, Reneine Clubs Project for the audio story, the Jasmine Forum for adolescents with Down syndrome project, the community development through theater project, and the WE ARE HERE project.

In 2019, the following projects were supported: Therapeutic Art (space of hope), Alsharat Arts, Masterpiece of Arabic Calligraphy, My Talent, Incubator for Talented Students, Maan Theater Group, Second Film Festival, X Bullying, and BLACK IRIS.


• The total opportunities provided by the project to beneficiaries reached (509) opportunities.



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