Parliament Fellowship Project



As part of KAFD efforts to empower young Jordanians in key fields, the Parliament Fellowship Project was launched in 2019 in concurrence with the 20th anniversary of His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al-Hussein access to Throne. The project represents a functional interpretation of His Majesty’s vision in empowering young Jordanians in the political field. The project is being implemented through All Jordan Youth Commission, the youth arm for KAFD.




  • •    Offer young Jordanians the opportunity to observe the decision-making process in the Parliament.

    •    Develop young leaders who are capable of making change by increasing their awareness of the various national issues and challenges.

    •    Broadening the base for young Jordanians’ participation in public life.

    •    Provide an opportunity for young Jordanians to have practical training/internship in the legislative and supervisory institutions.

    •    Improve the skill-set of participants to expand their personal and professional horizons.



Targeted Group

Young Jordanians in the 20 - 30 age range.

Priority is given to the following majors (Political Science, International Relations, Law, Economics, Accounting, Financial and Banking Sciences).


Eligibility Criteria:


  1. •    Filling and submitting the online application form.

    •    Pass a personal interview.

    •    Demonstrate willingness and commitment to the project stages.

    •    Full-time availability during the practical training/internship period.





  • Both houses of Parliament, Jordanian universities and civil society organizations.


Stages of training


1. Fellows Group (Accompanying MPs)

This group is tasked with accompanying MPs and attending their meetings. Fellows are also required to assist MPs in researching and to provide them with information that would support their mission. Young fellows in this group will receive quality training in the fields of political and parliamentary work in Jordan and advanced communication skills.


2. Research Group

This group of young men and women must have experience and skills in research in different fields (law, sociology, environment, psychology ....). This group aims to do a set of special research in legislation and laws, in addition to social research related to youth political participation and economic and social rights so they can assist MPs in their legislative and supervisory duties. Participants in this group will receive training on specialized political research and studies.


3. Advocacy Group

This group specializes in implementing advocacy campaigns on the national level. They will contribute to planning for campaigns targeting political issues and other various issues.


4. Media and Communication Group

This group’s mission is to publish the various news of the project, and to support the Fellows Group and the Research Group in developing fact sheets, infographics, diagrams and videos on the issues they will be working on, and to assist the Advocacy Group in designing media plans for their campaigns, create social media pages and post necessary messages. It should be taken into consideration that members of this group should be media professionals, media students, or social media activists.


Accomplishments (2019):


1. A training manual for the project has been developed and registered at the National Library.

2. A group of 147 young men and women have received cognitive training.

3. The group has received political training.

4. The group has participated in awareness sessions, where the following topics were discussed: (The history of Jordan, Jordanian foreign policy between constants and variables, the Hashemite approach to governance, political and parliamentary life in Jordan, youth and contemporary media, stages, and mechanisms of legislation in Jordan, the role of youth in maintaining national security, the role of the General Secretariat in managing the Parliament).

5. A subgroup of 24 participants has received training on advocacy skills.

6. A subgroup of 21 participants has received training on political and legal research skills.

7. A subgroup of 18 participants has received training on media and social media.

8. A total number of 135 participants have participated in the actual fellowship with the MPs.




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