Media and Information Literacy Project


As part of KAFD efforts to empower young Jordanians in key fields, and in cooperation with the Jordan Media Institute, the Media & Information Literacy Project was launched in 2019 in concurrence with the 20th anniversary of His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al-Hussein access to Throne. The project represents a response to national efforts in developing the knowledge and skills of young Jordanians in using media and technology to improve their capabilities in their media consumption habits and patterns of usage, critically analyze messages and confronting misleading media messages. 




Provide Media Literacy Education to young Jordanians to build their knowledge and competencies in media and information consumption and usage patterns, support self-expression and enhance the sense of identity, participation, and belonging, promoting balanced trend that takes into consideration, general values and human rights.




  • Build and empower youth core teams with knowledge and skills to broaden their experience of media and access to information.
  • Develop the abilities and skills of young Jordanians in verifying information and media messages before sharing.
  •  Build critical thinking and assessment skills regarding media content and multi-source messaging, specifically in digital communication.
  • Provide young Jordanians with technical skills in the fields of information security, photos, video verification, and detecting manipulation and misleading information through media and digital communication.
  • Enhancing young Jordanians capabilities in the production of media content that serves the values of tolerance and pluralism and is based on the inclusive national identity and the values of the Jordanian state.



Targeted Group:


Young Jordanians within the age group of 18-25 years.




  • A training manual for the project was developed and registered in the National Library.
  • 15 young men and women were trained as facilitators for the manual.
  • 22 training sessions were held at the offices of the All Jordan Youth Commission, and Jordanian universities, with the participation of 620 young men and women.




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