Jordan Gaming Lab

It aims at supporting the digital gaming sector in Jordan to become a regional hub for the gaming industry.
The lab seeks to raise awareness on the importance of the digital gaming industry in Jordan and to turn the Kingdom a pioneering regional hub in this regard through supporting ideas by the youth and training them on how to design and develop digital games.

The concept behind the Jordan Gaming Lab

The Jordan Gaming Lab was founded in 2011 in cooperation with key players in the digital gaming industry at the regional and international levels including Unity, Penguin, Microsoft and Sony.

The lab aims to help young Jordanians by turning their ideas in the field into success stories, creating a community that embraces game developers in Jordan and the region and developing an ecosystem that stimulates innovation and facilitates networking between young Jordanians with interest in the digital gaming industry and international companies.


  • Raising awareness on the importance of the digital gaming industry in Jordan.
  • Promoting Jordan as a regional hub for digital games.
  • Building the capacity of Jordanian developers and equipping them with necessary technical skills to develop games at the global level.
  • Developing education in Jordan to turn out distinguished human resources in the field of technology and the development of digital games.
  • Building a community that supports Jordanian game developers and involving them as well as Jordanian companies in the overall development of this important sector.
  • Creating the appropriate conditions and environment for Jordanian developers.


  • Establishing two gaming labs equipped with the latest technology in the capital and Irbid in the north while work is underway to open a third lab in the south of the country.
  • More than 5,000 students of different ages registered as members in the lab.
  • The participation of more than 5,000 students in activities and training courses organised by the lab.
  • Holding more than 200 events related to the digital gaming industry.
  • Cooperating with more than 17 local and international companies in the digital gaming industry.
  • Organising five specialised conferences on digital gaming industry in Jordan.
  • Helping Jordanian youth develop 75 digit games and uploading them on app stores.


  • Applicants must be over the age of 9.
  • Applicants must show interest in the field of electronic games.

Services provided by the lab:

  • The lab provides facilities, hardware, and software for new members.
  • The lab provides training courses and workshops for new members.
  • The Lab follows up on the progress of applicants and their projects and games.
  • The lab connects its members with local and international companies.

Contact Information

Email: [email protected]


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