ForUs Portal aims at fundamentally changing the culture of work and the jobs search techniques as finding a job opportunity requires receiving career counseling, self-development and engaging in voluntary activities in the society.

ForUs. jo groups the largest number of partners, training providers, founders of social initiatives, entrepreneurs and advisors who dedicate their expertise for the benefit of the young Jordanians to help them shape their career.

The concept behind ForUs: is an unconventional national platform that is designed to help the youth in Jordan to build their career.

Upon directives by His Majesty King Abdullah II, the King Abdullah II Fund for Development, the Ministry of Labour and in collaboration with local and regional partners joined forces to launch the platform to provide Jordan’s young people with resources regarding career counseling, training, employment, entrepreneurship and volunteering.

The portal links job seekers to employers and provides the youth with complete solutions to help them shape their future. It also highlights available training and volunteering opportunities as well as internships.


The portal seeks to increase the employability of young Jordanians and positively changing their perception of work and means of seeking a job. It also aspires to help Jordanian youth shape their career through the following:

  1. Educating young Jordanians about the required jobs in the labour market and helping them choose specialties that suit them.
  2. Building the capacities of young Jordanians though e-training courses and facilitating their access to training courses that meet their needs.
  3. Boosting youth engagement in voluntary activities by informing them about available volunteering opportunities.
  4. Helping young Jordanians search for vacancies announced by the various recruitment companies.
  5. Helping young entrepreneurs start their own businesses through training them on necessary skills to design and run their startups in addition to providing a database that includes all entities, financing institutions and supporters of startups.


  • was launched during the King Abdullah II Fund’s annual celebration that was held under the patronage of His Majesty King Abdullah in May 2016.
  • Since its launch until May 10th, the number of subscribers with the portal reached more than 12,500.

Who can join ?

The portal targets those aged between 18-45 years old.


The portal provides services that are mainly focused in five areas:

  1. Career Counseling:
    • Know your personality and professional preferences to select the suitable career path.
    • Identify the closest career counseling office in your areas of residence or university and make an appointment for a counseling session with one of the career counselors accredited by the portal.
    • Find out more about the required jobs in the Jordanian labour market.
    • Read articles and regularly updated tips that help you succeed in your career.

  2. Capacity Building Tools:
    • Enroll in e-training courses via
    • Look for training courses that fulfill your needs.

  3. Job Opportunities:
    • Go through the various job opportunities announced by several recruitment companies and look for the suitable vacancy.

  4. Volunteering Opportunities:
    • Create your own profile that includes your favorite volunteer opportunities.
    • Search for a volunteering opportunity near your house or workplace.
    • Find out more about the types and benefits of volunteering and duties of volunteers by reading some of the regularly updated articles and tips.
    • Get a certificate upon completing a volunteering opportunity.

  5. Your Startup:
    • Get acquainted with more simplified and compressive information about entrepreneurship in Jordan by reading several tips and articles on how to plan for your own startup, manage it and look for needed funding.
    • Make use of the available database on portal that includes several stakeholders, financing entities and supporters of startups.


  • To register in, visit
  • For inquiries, call toll-free number 117111.

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