Community Entrepreneurship Challenge

In line with the vision of His Majesty King Abdullah II that young Jordanians are the main driver for change and to highlight the youth’s abilities to find solutions to the challenges facing their societies, and to fairly distribute the gains of development to various governorates, KAFD seeks to bring sustainable development in various fields and to invest in the capabilities of young Jordanians to achieve this goal and to create positive change engines in the society. Therefore, KAFD will launch a new national challenge to innovatively address the challenges that face various sectors in the Kingdom.


The value of financial support :


  • Allocating a sum of (5000) Jordanian dinars to the best project in each governorate, and the winners of the competition will also receive a training program for the purposes of training and qualification.





  • Invest in the capabilities and energies of young Jordanians and create projects that will provide opportunities.
  •  Honor the social entrepreneurs of young Jordanians who have creative solutions to the challenges facing their local communities.
  •  Provide support to young Jordanians to help them implement new pilot projects or/and develop existing projects, improve their quality, and enhance their impact on the community.
  • Urge young Jordanians to participate in a fruitful positive competition, spread the culture of initiative, giving, and active citizenship among them.
  •  Present young Jordanians who managed to bring positive change in their local communities as role models for others.


Application Terms:


  •  Applicant must be Jordanian.
  •  Applicants must be between 22 and 35 years old at the time of receiving the applications.
  •  Applicant must be a founder or one of the founders of the project that falls within the framework of community entrepreneurship.
  •  Applicant must be a young individual or a youth group.
  •  The issue or problem that the project discusses or addresses is important and one of the priorities of the applicant's local community.




Six projects were supported:

  1. Small Community Entrepreneur
  2. GAR Educational Initiative
  3. Our Robot
  4. Alfredo Books
  5. SOLVillion
  6. Small Community Entrepreneurs.



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