Civil Service Development Project

The programme seeks to enhance the leadership and administrative skills of workers in different sectors, which helps them in their upward mobility at work and ensures sustainability of institutions.

The concept behind the programme

The Civil Services Development Program , which focuses on training and reinforcing concepts such as leadership and teamwork at the public sector, is a joint venture between King Abdullah II Fund for Development and the Inspirational Development Group (IDG).
The programme, which lasts for six months, consists of three phases; two of which are in Jordan, while the final one is taken in Sandhusrt Academy in the UK. Five rounds have already been held between 2010-2015 and attracted 96 civil servants.


  • Investing in human resources, developing the public sector and improving its services.
  • Enhancing the leadership skills of public sector employees to ensure the sustainability of the development of institutions.


The programme trained 147 participants to date including the 6th round for 2015.

Who can participate in the programme ?

Mid-level public sector workers who are willing to be part of the program in order to transfer the knowledge obtained during the training to their respective constitutions.

Terms for participation:

  • Age: between 30 -- 48 Years old
  • Practical experience: more than 8 years
  • Command of good English
  • Must attend all stages of the program

Program Advisor

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