Civil Service Development Project


CSDP seeks to improve the work environment to become more effective and more positive by motivating the employees participating in the training program to show an entrepreneurial spirit and provide them with the necessary skills to develop their institutions.


The concept 


CSDP in collaboration with the British Inspirational Development Group works to To increase the effectiveness of public and private sector employees by developing their skills, improving their job performance, and enhancing their leadership and management skills, to ensure their professional development.




CSDP Seeks to achieve a number of objectives:

  • Invest in human resources development, develop the public and private sectors, and promote the level of services provided.
  • Enhance the leadership skills of both public and private sector employees and provide them with the necessary expertise to ensure sustainable institutional development.


Who can participate in the Project?


Public and private sector employees who have the desire and enthusiasm to benefit from the program and to transfer the experience and skills acquired from the program to their colleagues in the institution.


The applicant must fulfill the following terms:


  • Age: between 30 -- 48 Years old
  • Practical experience: more than 8 years
  • Command of good English


Mechanism of implementation:


The training program will be held in three phases. The first and second phases will take place in Amman and will focus on effective management skills, policy formulation, and presentation skills. The third phase, held at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in Britain, will focus on leadership skills.




The Project trained (260) participants to date including the 10th round.





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