Career Guidance Offices

Through its affiliate career guidance offices, the King Abdullah II Fund for Development in cooperation with Jordanian universities provides university students with career counseling services and opportunities to equip them with the necessary skills to increase their employability and enhance their job search techniques. These centres conduct extracurricular activities and provide students with opportunities to volunteer.

The concept behind Career Guidance Offices Project:

Many university students lack the capability to market their skills in a professional manner to be able to find a job that suits them. Therefore, the King Abdullah II Fund for Development created 25 career guidance offices at various public and private universities in Jordan to provide career counseling and follow up with graduates.

These centres seek to help students make the right decisions about their career and offer them many services and training opportunities to help them successfully join the labor market.


General Objective:

To help create a proper learning environment for students and equip them with skills and expertise that will boost their employability.


  1. Providing career counseling services to students and helping them understand labor market requirements.
  2. Providing university students and graduates with opportunities to foster their skills and capacities through several training courses that meet the labour market’s demands.
  3. Enhancing active citizenship among students by engaging them in programmes and volunteering activities that make a positive change in their local communities.
  4. Strengthening partnerships between the public and private sectors, universities, NGOs and international agencies.


  1. The career guidance offices were endorsed as part of the standards adopted by the Higher Education Accreditation Commission.
  2. Integrating the activities of following up on graduates with the work of the career guidance offices to ensure the development of a proper database in this regard.
  3. Drafting an action plan to develop the performance of the career guidance offices and completing the first two phases of the scheme.
    Memoranda of understanding were signed with 17 public and private universities and the work of all offices was unified through the development of a unified administration and services system in addition to developing and refurbishing these centres.

Who can benefit from the centres’ services ?

Public and private university students.

Services provided by the Career Guidance Offices?

  1. Making appointments for students to join individual counseling sessions to help identify their skills, ambitions, interests and personalities.
  2. Holding a series of workshops and training programmes on personal and technical skills in various areas.
  3. Organising a seminar with the participation of a group of companies from various sectors to enable university students plan for their career.
  4. Providing internships for university students to equip them with necessary expertise required by the labor market.
  5. Holding job fairs at universities to facilitate networking between students, graduates and public and private sector institutions.
  6. Providing volunteering opportunities for university students to help them connect with civil society organisations and not for profit organisations.

How to benefit from the centres’ services ?

You can benefit from the above mentioned services by visiting these centres at:

  1. University of Jordan.
  2. Al al Bayt University.
  3. Al Yarmouk University.
  4. The Hashemite University.
  5. Tafila Technical University.
  6. Jordan University for Science and Technology.
  7. German-Jordanian University.
  8. Al Hussein Ben Talal University.
  9. Princess Sumaya University For Technology.
  10. Al Balqa Applied University.
  11. Mutah University.
  12. Philadelphia University.
  13. Jerash University.
  14. Zarqa Private University.
  15. Petra University.
  16. Al-Zaytoonah University.
  17. Al-Ahliyya Amman University.
  18. World Islamic Sciences and Education University.
  19. Ajloun National Private University.
  20. Irbid National University.
  21. Middle East University.
  22. Arab Open University.
  23. Amman Arab University.
  24. Al Israa University.
  25. Applied Sciences University.

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