Career Guidance and Alumni Offices

The idea of career guidance and alumni offices emerged as one of the recommendations of the Jordan Youth Forum, which was held under the patronage of His Majesty King Abdullah II, in which his Royal directives emphasized the importance of establishing a link for communication and partnership between undergraduates and civil society institutions. The established link will support and foster excellence and creativity and find mechanisms and programs in universities to connect and introduce graduates to the labor market.




Provide training and qualification for university undergraduates to acquire professional and personal skills with the aim of finding a job commensurate with their preferences and competencies. Develop their skills and prepare them to engage in the labor marketing by assisting them in making the right choices regarding their career path, provide them with services like career counseling, training, and extracurricular activities including voluntary work. In partnership with Jordanian universities, (27) offices have been created in various Jordanian public and private universities.




The main objective for the CGO's is to contribute in providing a suitable environment for undergraduates, to learn and acquire skills and expertise that will enhance their employability.

  1. Hold career counseling sessions to assist undergraduates understanding the labor market needs, saturated majors, besides, understanding the skills that must be learned on the basis of their selection of career path and in compliance with the requirements of the Jordanian labor market.
  2. Hold training courses for universities undergraduates and fresh graduates to build their capabilities and skills.
  3. Promote active citizenship concepts among universities undergraduates by participating in volunteer programs and projects that would have a positive impact on their local communities.
  4. Strengthen partnerships between the public and private sectors, universities, NGOs and international organizations.




Undergraduates from public and private universities are entitled to benefit from the services offered by CGO's, which include:

  1. Undergraduates can book appointments with the office for individual counseling sessions to determine their personalities, skills, aspirations, and interests.  
  2. Provide a selections of life and technical workshops and training programs for different fields.
  3. Hold seminars in collaboration with various companies from different sectors, to raise awareness and assist undergraduates in planning their career paths.
  4. Offer internship programs for undergraduates, to provide them with the practical experience and skills in various sectors available in the labor market.
  5. Organize job fair in universities to connect undergraduates and fresh graduates with institutions from the public and the private sectors.
  6. Network undergraduates with graduates from their fields, which will motivate them in building appropriate career paths.
  7. Provide volunteer work opportunities for undergraduates by connecting them with civil society and non-profit organizations.




  1. The Career Guidance and Alumni offices are now endorsed and adopted in the criteria of the Higher Education Accreditation Commission.
  2. Merge the work of the alumni offices in universities with the work of the CGO's to maintain an up-to-date database.
  3. MOU are signed with (27) public and private universities to improve and unify offices work by designing the organizational and service model as well as standardizing and improving the offices’ equipment and facilities.


      The number of opportunities offered by the CGO's for undergraduates has reached 180,000 opportunity.


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Kindly visit the Career Guidance and Alumni office in your university to inquire about the services provided by the office.

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