Applied Scientific Research Project


KAFD launched the Applied Scientific Research Project to target creative, distinguished researchers and entrepreneurs who have researches in applied science or who have found practical solutions to the problems that face their local communities.
The project aims to help them by providing the necessary tools to carry out their research and offer them the possibility of networking their ideas with relevant authorities, based on available capabilities, which leads to reducing costs, increasing productivity, or providing opportunities.

The Applied Scientific Research Project is an extension and built on the achievements of the “Undergraduates Research and Innovation Support Project” that was launched by KAFD in 2004, which seeks to support entrepreneurship, creativity, and innovation. This extension comes to expand the beneficiaries segment by trying to reach a new segment of researchers.




The project seeks to achieve a set of objectives, including:

  • Networking researchers with industrial establishments or entities related to their submitted research.
  • Stimulating societal science and technology innovation.
  • Finding applied solutions to the problems and needs of local communities.
  • Contribute to providing employment opportunities in the fields of applied research.


Application Terms


  • The researcher must be a Jordanian.
  • The age of the researcher should be between 22 and 40 years.
  • The researcher should have scientific and practical experience in the field of research presented.
  • The research presented is workable and within available and reasonable resources.
  • Funding required for the research should not exceed 15,000 Jordanian dinars.
  • The period of work in the submitted research should not be less than six months and not more than two years.
  • The applied scientific research must not have funding from other parties while applying or after admission.





Priority is given to research that may lead to patents or has been covered/published by long-standing / considered / well-known scientific periodicals, or with expected economic returns.

It is preferable that the research submitted would be among the national priorities that aim to provide society with applied scientific solutions.

The idea of the submitted research can be a postgraduate thesis.


Financial Funding


Allocating a maximum of 15,000 Jordanian dinars for each applied scientific research.


Targeted group


Researchers with applied scientific research ideas or proven applied scientific output.




Support was provided for two ideas

  •  Self - cleaning baby bottle. It aims to manufacture a baby bottle that saves water and dry milk separately from each other and technology that keeps it clean after use and free of bacteria so that the mother can use it again when she needs it to reduce the uses of chemicals.
  • Designing a small-sized, low-cost device for early diagnosis of breast cancer without the need for a biopsy.




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