The App Challenge

The Concept:

"The App Challenge competition was launched in 2011 to foster the innovation of students to build their capacity in the field of design and development of applications and digital games.

The competition targets students aged between 14-16 years old from public and private school in different governorates of the Kingdom.


  • Strengthening innovation among Jordanians students and introducing them to the digital gaming industry and apps development.
  • Building the capacity of students in the field of design and development of apps for electronic devices.
  • Enabling students to work well under pressure, manage their time, and practice teamwork.
  • Encouraging Jordanian youth to adopt new modern technologies in order to create a creative generation capable of strengthening the position of Jordan as a regional hub for information technology.
  • Promoting Jordan through the use of modern technology.



The competition starts with an orientation day through which a brief about the gaming history given. On that day, school students sit for a quiz after which a list of schools is selected to participate in the competition.
Selected students will be trained for 5 days to further their knowledge in app design and development, followed by a month and a half of a deadline for students to submit a tested application to be assessed based on the following criteria:

  • Content and information
  • Innovation in design
  • Technical assessment
  • User-friendliness


The winning team will be offered several prizes for the students in addition to $5,000 presented to the school for the purposes of IT development within the school.


The competition ran for eight rounds so far, and they are as the following:

  1. First cycle: titled "Tourism in Jordan"; the cycle started in May 2011 and Amman National School team won the first prize for their determination application "Jordan-In-n-Out".
  2. Second and third cycles: Where Sama High school for girls won first prize for their app “Fashion-Jo” while al Ahliyah School for Girls also won for their app “Jordan Unearthed”. The results of the third cycle were announced during the closing ceremony in June 2012 under the patronage of His Majesty King Abdullah II, in which “Herb farm”; and application developed by Jameel Bin Shaker School for boys, and “Wrinkle Shrinker” which was developed by Amman National School won the first place. The Jameel Bin Shaker School developed several apps after enrolling in the training sessions conducted by the Jordan Gaming Lab.
  3. Fourth and fifth cycles: titled "Civilizations in Jordan"; the cycle started in December 2013 where the Wadi Musa School for Boys won the first place for their application "The Arabian Revolution". The results of the fifth cycle were announced during the MENA ICT Forum, which was held on October 13th in 2014, in which PrincessBasma Secondary School for Girls in Madaba won the first place for their application "JARASA"
  4. The Golden Cycle: titled "edutainment", where an introductory day was held for all the schools that have already participated in the training program for the competition in previous cycles. The Jubilee School won the first place for their application of "CellViver" while the Umm Kulthum School for Girls won first prize for the design of their application "The Hidden Treasure". The results were announced at in the 4th Gaming Summit in November 23rd , 2014. The 6th and 7th cycle were held under the theme "Edutainment" and results where students of Fatima Al Zahra’ for Girls and Prince Hamzeh bin Al Hussein won the first place for their games “Puk!” and “Surviving Time”, respectively. As for the 8th Cycle, the King Abdullah II Fund for Development chose the theme “The Great Arab Revolt” as part of the Kingdom’s centennial celebrations of the revolt. As part the of 6th Gaming Summit, the results were announced for the three regions: North, Middle and South. The application “The Freemen’s Journey” developed by the students of Al Qadisieh Secondary School for Girls won the first place of the middle region. As for the northern region, students from Al Mafraq Secondary School for Boys won the first place for their game “The Warrior Trail”. From Aqaba, Khalil Al Rahman Academy won the southern region prize for their application “Great Arab Revolt”. Currently, the King Abdullah II Fund for Development is preparing for the 9th cycle through the Jordan Gaming Labs in Amman, Irbid and Aqaba.



Public and private schools are invited from different governorates of the Kingdom, alongside nominated schools by the Ministry of Education or the relevant institutions (representing each component school of four students and a supervising teacher). All students must be 14-16 years old to attend the introductory days which are held in all areas of the Kingdom where schools are chosen to take part in the training sessions.

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