All Jordan Youth Commission

“I want assure you that I personally see a future role of the All Jordan Youth Commission of paramount importance and seriousness. I want to make it clear that this umbrella organization is neither dispensable nor replaceable. On the contrary, it must be further developed to produce future offshoots that complement existing youth frameworks.”

His Majesty King Abdullah II Ben Al Hussein

The concept behind the All Jordan Youth Commission:

The commission, which was launched in 2006, is a Royal initiative by His Majesty King Abdullah II and is implemented by the King Abdullah II Fund for Development.

The commission seeks to give Jordanians from all walks of life an unprecedented opportunity to speak out and to activate the role of the youth as true and influential partners in public life at the political, social and economic spheres though building their capacities and enhancing the culture of voluntary work and taking the initiative and connecting the various institutions working in the field of youth together.


  • Engaging young people to activate their participation in political, economic and social life.
  • Activating the communication channels with young people to get acquainted with their views and positions on national issues.
  • Enhancing active citizenship among the youth and entrenching the civic practices and values amongst them.
  • Increasing the competiveness of the young Jordanians in the labour market through equipping them with the necessary skills and expertise that fulfill the labour market’s requirements

AJYC Programs:

  1. We Volunteer for Jordan

    • The concept:
      It seeks to enhance and develop values of active citizenship among the youth through implementing and adopting voluntary initiatives in various fields that help address issues local communities face.
    • Achievements:
      • Implementing more than 133 voluntary activities with the participation of 6,778 young Jordanians from across the governorates.

      • Holding 46 workshops to raise awareness on dangers of drugs with the participation of 2,570 young people. The workshops were held in cooperation with the Arab Society for Public Awareness from Dangerous Drugs and Narcotics.

      • Organising a training camp on how to design voluntary initiatives with the participation of 70 young persons.

  2. Productive Youth

    • The concept:
      The programme seeks to economically empower young people aged between 18-40 years across the country through encouraging them to start income-general small and medium-sized projects to become self-employed.
      The programme provides training to the youth on skills to design and run projects and connect them with development institutions that provide support to small and medium-sized projects.

    • Achievements:
      • Holding 136 activities with the participation of 3,759 young Jordanians that focused on the importance of small and medium-seized enterprises, self-employment, training on management of projects and entrepreneurship.

      • Holding meetings between the beneficiaries and microfinance institution across the country.

      • Providing training on handcrafts making and implementing programes to enhance the employability of the youth in the local and Arab markets.

  3. Our Future Roles

    • The concept:
      Under this programme, the All Jordan Youth Commission works on enhancing the culture of dialogue among the youth aged between 18-40 years. It helps connect them with various and private institutions and decision-makers and provides them with training on skills of dialogue and scientific research to shed light on key national challenges and suggest means to address them by the young people themselves.
    • Achievements:
      Holding 104 activities with the participation of 4,457 young persons.
  4. The Voice of Jordanian Youth

    • The concept:
      The programme provides a platform for young Jordanians to engage and interact with local, Arab and international issues based on the art of debate in addition to forming debate teams at the national level that help transfer the expertise and the know-how to their peers and address issues of concern to the youth.
    • Achievements:
      Holding 53 programmes that covered training on the art of debate and holding debates between Jordanians youth with the participation of 3,839.
  5. Messengers of Moderation Via Social Media

    • The concept:
      As young people are the driving force for realising the desired change, the programme seeks to empower activists on social media and equip them with necessary skills and knowledge to promote for moderate intellectual discourse that is based on facts and correcting misconceptions through social media. In addition, the programme aims at adopting initiatives by the youth that fall under the programme’s objectives.
    • Achievements:
      Holding 70 activities with the participation of 10,652 young Jordanians. These included dialogue sessions and training on social media.
  6. Improving English Skills of the Youth

    • The concept:
      The programme seeks to improve English skills for young Jordanians aged between 18-35 years including skills related to exchange of emails, job interviews and writing CVs. Training is provided in cooperation with specialised training and consultation centre with a view to increase the competitiveness of young Jordanians in the labour market.
    • Achievements:
      The commission held 26 training courses with the participation of 1,304 young Jordanians from across the country.
      As the All Jordan Youth Commission is keen on cooperating with the various entities and civil society organisations, it took part in 110 programmes that involved the participation of 4,446 young Jordanians.
      These programms included voluntary activities and other social, political and cultural activities.

Who can benefit from the programme?

  • Young Jordanians aged 18-35 years.
  • Applicants must demonstrate willingness to develop, learn and volunteer.
  • Applicants must demonstrate ability to make the desired change and contribute to the development of local communities.

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