Jordan Gaming Lab hosts Global Game Jam 2019

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

where (26) games from Jordan designed and developed as part of the world's largest Game Jam , with the participation of more than 100 countries world wide.

Participating in Global Game Jam is an opportunity to learn more about the games industry and the stages of the game (storytelling, design, , programming) in a short time, in addition to meeting other people who participated in the best global events that bring together the fans of the gaming industry in one place, working with them as a team and sharing knowledge, which is the most essential part in this challenge.

This challenge also allows participants to experiment new tools, creative ideas, organizing time to develop and publish a game and experiment it with local and international developers to benefit from their experience. The challenge is not a competition to determine a winner or a loser, but an interactive activity to share knowledge and experience.

Jordan Gaming Lab aims to support the games industry in Jordan and raise awareness of its importance among the new generation and networking among Jordanian youth interested in this field with international companies.

Click the link below to see the games that has been uploaded by the Jordanian Participants  

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