Develop Your Game From Your Home

Friday, May 22, 2020


The App Challenge competition, one of KAFD’s projects launched “develop your game from your home” course in cooperation with the technical partner “Maysalward”. The course targets adolescents all around the kingdom of ages (14-16) to grow their skills and capacities in electronic games and apps design and development.

Programs Manager Mr.Amjad Alloush explained that this exceptional course in the project comes in response to the crisis which resulted from the Corona virus Pandemic. It ensures continuity of the fund’s services flow taking into consideration compliance with health recommendations through employing available digital tools.

Alloush noted that participating teams will receive training and follow- up throughout the stage of game development. Participating teams will compete for first place in their respective regions, where the evaluation process will be done electronically.

The Electronic App Challenge competition was launched in 2011. It is capable of building capacities to prepare a creative young generation that is able to enhance the place of Jordan in the area of apps and game design and development on modern electronic devices.


To enroll in the course. Click here