Civil Service Development Project Graduation Ceremony for the 9th cycle

Monday, April 15, 2019

Under the patronage of H.E. Mr. Alaa Batayneh, Chairman of the Board of Trustees at the King Abdullah II Fund for Development, a graduation ceremony was held for the 9th cycle participants of the Civil Service Development Project (CSDP), which is implemented as a joint venture between King Abdullah II Fund for Development and the Inspirational Development Group (IDG).

“The new set of skills the participants have developed during the project will assist them to turn challenges into opportunities, help them to increase productivity in their various institutions” said Mr. Batayneh in the ceremony which was held at the residence of the British Ambassador Mr. Edward Okden, in the presence of KAFD Director Mr. Saeb Al-Hassan.

“Jordan's most important strength is its high-skill human capital ” Quoted Mr. Batayneh from the speech of His Majesty King Abdullah II at the World Economic Forum (WEF) which was recently held in the Dead Sea.

Mr. Okden added that "the continuation of this project for the 9th year in a row confirms that it has great value and importance, noting that the partnership with the King Abdullah II Fund for Development in this area seeks to develop a generation of leaders from various fields".

The project trained (231) leaders, including the 9th cycle participants which were (28) leaders. It seeks to improve the key skills of mid-level leaders in different sectors, which helps them in their upward mobility at work and ensures the sustainability of institutions.

CSDP consists of three phases, two of which are conducted in Jordan, focusing on effective management skills, policy formulation, and presentation skills, while the final one takes place at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst Academy, which focuses on leadership skill using practical activities.

KAFD’s strategy, which was established by a Royal Decree in 2001,  focuses on investing in human resources through providing necessary training and support to empower them to contribute to the development of the country's future in line with His Majesty's reform vision.