Training Course for the participants of Counter-Extremism Thoughts project

Monday, February 17, 2020



Counter-Extremism Thoughts project held a training course to train 26 young men and women who had graduated from the project through its previous courses. These 26 youngsters have the capability of facilitation and training to become facilitators. They will train on the integrated training guidebook on Countering extremism of all forms within the activities of the project in its fourth session.

Wesam Al Bashabsheh, one of the trainees indicated the role which intensified training play in shaping their skills. He mentioned that trainings are not limited to skills development only, but also includes motivating their creative capabilities to enhance their expertise through creative and innovative methods. It will enable them to pass knowledge to young men and women in their governorates in order to Counter hate speech and eliminate extremism.

Asma Saqer, One of the participants of the project mentioned that this training offers them skills that will enable them to give others the basics of sound thinking and distinction between right and wrong.

The training’s graduates will carry out a set of trainings targeting schools, universities, societies, and institutions in addition to All Jordan youth commissions headquarters. They are intended to form a youth core to take the responsibility of contributing to changing the thinking pattern in their community.