Memorandum of Agreement between Independent Election Commission “IEC” and King Abdullah II Fund for Development “KAFD”

Monday, October 19, 2020


IEC signed a Memorandum of Agreement with KAFD aiming to promote cooperation and joint work between the two entities through strengthening the role of youth in the electoral process.  

KAFD contributes to supporting the commission’s efforts to empower the electoral process through qualified volunteers who will participate in the organization of the electoral process at all stages.

Dr. Khaled Al Kalaldeh, the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of IEC explained that signing this agreement comes as a part of the commission’s preparedness to conduct the upcoming general elections of the 19th parliament which is scheduled on the 10th of November of this year.

“The commission is keen to cooperate with all the electoral process partners including youth” he added. He indicated that this segment needs attention and empowerment in order to be trusted withdrawing the future. “It is essential to enhance their participation in decision making, as they represent a positive situation of political maturity. They are part of a successful electoral process whether in candidature, voting or volunteering” he said.

The General Director of KAFD, Mr. Saeb Al Hassan praised the role played by IEC in enhancing volunteer work and their involvement in the electoral process through raising the awareness of voters. He also expressed that IEC is considered a national asset that enhances the political and democratic participation of youth. He concluded by expressing the readiness of KAFD to cooperate and coordinate with the commission to serve the electoral process and contribute to its success.