Accession to the Throne Day … determination towards progress in achieving development

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Amman- King Abdullah II Fund for Development seeks to translate the visions and aspirations of His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al Hussein through its programs and projects. It aims to achieve sustainable development and dedicate resources that guarantee the process through providing target groups with the tools that enable them to contribute to developing their societies.

“Royal Directives and visions provide us with determination towards more progress to achieve development. We are inspired to accomplish and seek available opportunities” said The Director of the Fund Mr. Saeb Al Hassan.

“The exceptional circumstances which were imposed by the Covid-19 Pandemic on Jordan and the whole world, established the concept of transforming challenges into opportunities. At the beginning of the crisis, we activated a flexible work system in a way that ensures the sustainability of the role performed by the fund in various development fields using available technical means to keep communication channels open with target groups” Al Hassan added.

The fund launched a series of activities in the areas of communication and community awareness through interactive dialogue sessions using Zoom technology. It held approximately 20 sessions attended by 1500 young men and women who met to discuss various topics in regards to the aftermath of Covid-19 crisis on all levels.

On the volunteer side, since the beginning of the crisis All Jordan Youth Commission volunteers carried out daily initiatives to deliver medications and food packages to their intended recipients alongside the official authorities. In addition, they have provided assistance in organizing queuing in front of shops by using physical distancing floor markers for shoppers and providing seats for older people.  

In regards to Entrepreneurship and capacity building, the Jordan Gaming Lab provided educational videos on how to upload software and learn the gaming industry from home. The lab viewed several awareness videos about how to invest in time and how workers during this period can learn to be productive and active when teleworking.

Recently, the Fund launched the new course of App Challenge contest titled “develop your game from your home” remotely for the first time. It will be implemented through modern technology without the need to congregate especially during the training courses of the participating teams.

It is noteworthy that the fund was founded with a royal vision in 2001 to act as an institutional umbrella that contributes to supporting developmental, social, and educational efforts. It seeks to fairly distribute development gains among governorates through supporting efforts of increasing productivity and efforts aiming to raise community awareness.