“Waragami” … Art for Jordan

Monday, July 6, 2020

 “Waragami” project intends to launch a new product titled “Art for Jordan”. It is a box that contains all tools and instructions needed to create Jordan’s touristic monuments of heritage importance using origami papers. The box will contain photos of Jordanian touristic and heritage sites. This project will be supported by 3D videos in cooperation with the Jordan Tourism Board aiming to promote the project which highlights Jordanian Tourism.  

“Waragami” project received the KAAYIA award within a competition on the level of the Arab World supported by the King Abdullah II Fund for Development. It carried the message of art aiming at spreading the culture of origami and activating its role in achieving interactive and inclusive education. The number of beneficiaries reached 5039 persons.

“I worked with My partner in this project Aysha Salman since 2016 on establishing the project to become the first company in the Arab region to provide all tools of paper folding and origami and quilling with a local design and production. He mentioned that it is an old Japanese art for quilling papers to create different forms and designs. We are proud that we use tools that are locally made” Laith Abu Taleb the founder of “Waragami” said.

“Quilling is the art of rolling papers, French art of rolling papers to create different forms and designs. As the first company in the world, we merged these two different arts in one box to be an effective method to grow the right and left sides of the brain. It enhances creativity, imagination, patience, logic, and motor skills. In addition, it is very suitable for ages starting from 3.5 years old until the age of 80 which is the target age group” he added.

He indicated that the project was able prior to Covid-19 Pandemic to reach to all governorates and least privileged areas. It worked on assisting people to show their creativity. Due to the exceptional circumstances that the kingdom is currently witnessing, the project continued (remotely) to hold training workshops through available technological means which helped to reach beneficiaries outside of Jordan.

Paper art training and art therapy are delivered through interactive methods of training, teaching children communication skills, time management, self-promotion, storytelling through paper art, which facilitates the understanding of children. In addition, this strategy was disseminated in Zaatari Camp due to the active role which it plays in growing people’s internal safety and patience.

“Waragami” is the first of a kind project in the Middle East. It is specialized in paper arts and quilling and seeks to spread different cultures of paper art as due to its great importance in developing creativity, patience, and motor skills for their practitioners. They also contribute to developing the capabilities of the persons with mobility challenges to focus and create.