Jordanian Heritage Revival Company

The company seeks to place Jordan on the international tourism map as a favourite destination for tourists from different parts of the world through holding a series of activities that highlight the history of the country and civilizations. It also works to contribute to the development of Petra, Shobak and Wadi Rum areas.

The concept behind the Jordanian Company for Heritage Revival

The company was founded in March 2010 in order to build and revitalise heritage in Jordan and highlighting the civilisations that were present in the country and its history as well.
At present, the company holds a series of activities in Petra, Wadi Rum and Al Shobak to help attract tourists, movie directors, journalists and businesses people from across the world to these places, which helps create jobs for local communities. Through its activities, it created 130 jobs opportunities that benefitted 789 individuals and helped promote for handmade products by local communities in these areas.


  • Creating real, exceptional, and sustainable business opportunities for military retirees.
  • Putting Jordan on the international tourism map as a favorite destination for tourists from different parts of the world.


  • Holding a parade of the Nabateans in Petra that highlights the history of the area to visitors.
  • Designing a parade of the Great Arab Revolution and the Ottoman castle in Wadi Rum.
  • Design a parade of the Ayyubid in Shobak and Hotel Montreal .

Contact Information:

For reservation to enjoy the parades and activities held by the company, you can communicate with our team.

  • Address: King Hussein Business Park-Bldg 7-Fofth Floor.
  • Telephone: 065810808       Fax:  065822830
  • Email: [email protected]            Website: