Youth Leadership Development Project

It seeks to train public and private school students on several skills at an early stage to help them build their entrepreneurial and leadership capabilities.

The concept behind the Leadership Development Skills Programme

The programme seeks to build the leaderships and entrepreneurial skills of 9th grade students at public and private schools at an early stage in partnership with the Inspirational Development Group, which is based in the UK.

The programme, which runs all year long, is divided into two phases where students are trained during the first phase on various leadership skills such as teamwork, communication skills, time management and how to take responsibility and resolve problems.

During the second phase, they are trained in the skills of the labor market, in addition to practical training in private companies in several industries such as health and media as well as other areas of information technology.


  • Building the leadership and entrepreneurial l skills of students at an early stage prior to joining the university.
  • Investing in the capabilities of young Jordanians to become mentors and advisors that are capable of running the programme in the years to come and ensuring its sustainability.


  • Participants in the first round in 2012 reached 68 students from public and private schools, while the second batch in 2014 included 70 students.
  • The third round included 210 students from the country’s northern, central and southern regions.
  • Currently, a total of 403 students representing the northern, central and southern regions are taking part and are also being assessed to participate in the summer training programme with the help of 66 mentors.

How to register

  1. Nine grade students from various public and private schools grade from all over the Kingdom, who are nominated by their schools to participate in this program.
  2. Employees who are nominated as guides by their institutions. Those nominated to participate in the programme as guides should be 25 years old at minimum.

Contact Information

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